Get Involved 

There are so many ways to help save the turtles!

Every volunteer's experience is very unique. Your contribution, in addition to saving the turtles may include; constructing the hatchery, habitat maintenance, organic gardening, repair, maintenance, and construction.


You will make new friends from around the world, learn about local cuisines, take day trips to the rain forest, and do much more all while helping to sustain the local economy. The above picture is of Gaby bringing the kitchen to the beach-- a fun way to spend the afternoon.


To find out more on how to book your trip, please visit our AirBnB site or contact Sherri.


The Casa de Coco is seeking volunteers and interns
for the current sea turtle season!


Casa de Coco's Etsy page is in the works- but there's more than one way to donate to help  save the turtles!

Can't make it to Barra de Pacuare, but still want to help save the turtles?


Donate directly: Your donation goes directly towards conservation efforts, project matinence, and growing an alternate local economy. To learn more, please visit our Donate page.


Adopt a sea turtle: A great gift this year, be it for birthdays or the holidays, is to adopt a sea turtle. With this option, we will send you a picture of the turtle you helped to save, and you can name it! To learn more, visit our Etsy page (coming soon).


Purchase some jewelry: Another great gift for the nature lover in your family is to own some sea turtle inspired jewelry. Handmade by our founder Sherri, 100% of the proceeds go towards turtle conservation. To learn more, visit our Etsy page 


Come stay on an island where the jungle meets a sea turtle nesting beach! This very remote location is a naturalist's paradise. Be prepared to see howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and a multitude of other flora and fauna.


All meals are included and you will enjoy a very authentic Costa Rican experience. Our unique, rustic cabin is made from coconut trees, and comes with a beach view! The Casa de Coco kitchen is an open aired structure and we often have hummingbirds and butterflies fly right through it, and linger on our cut and fresh flowers. We also take day trips to the rain forest, banana plantation, and fishing tours.


The community of Barra de Pacuare is poor economically but rich culturally. Your stay helps to provide economic sustainability for the locals. We are a home-stay project so we have several different homes you can stay in, and all the proceeds goes back to the locals. This helps to save the turtles by providing alternative incomes to the locals so they do not need to poach the turtles for their livelihoods.


To find out more on how to book your trip, please visit our AirBnB site or contact Sherri.


Casa de Coco offers a vacation experience for the stargazer, nature lover, or someone who wants an authentic, rustic Coasta Rican experience.

Care Packages

Can't make it down in person but still want to help? Send us a care package with supplies needed to keep up our efforts!

Vollunteers and guests can also bring items and leave them when they return home (lighten up those bags)!

Items of Need (greatest needs are in bold):

--First aid supplies (bandages, alcohol swabs, Neosporin, butterfly bandages, single use emergency ice packs, aspirin, Pepto Bismol tablets, alka seltzer cold plus tablets, Cortaid anti-itch creams, q tips etc.)

--Work gloves (a variety of sizes but mostly medium and large)

--Dark t-shirts and pants (for night patrols)

--Disposable rubber gloves (to handle the eggs and for exhumations)

--Gumbo work boots (sizes 7 on up)

--Hammers and other building supplies (especially nails, all sizes but especially 3" for wood repair)

--Rain Ponchos (durable and dark colors for night patrols

--Flashlights and head lamps with batteries (head lamps are best for night patrols)

--Rechargeable batteries and recharges (mostly AAA and AA size batteries)

--Plastic Tupperware containers with seal tight lids and Ziploc bags (all sizes)

--Duct tape

--Dust masks

--Bug repellent

--And most importantly, chocolate and books!


To find out how to get the care package down to Casa de Coco, please contact Sherri.


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