Our Projects

There are many ways to save the turtles-- working directly with the turtles is just one way! In addition we work to educate everyone everywhere on the threats to sea turtles.  Poaching is a major threat on the island, and getting the locals out of poaching is an important project. We strive to create new sources of sustainable income to lessen the stress on the turtles.

Project 1: Repairs and Construction

The hot and rainy climate is very hard on the CDC structures located on our property and they need constant repairs. In addition we are working to re-construct  the casa de coco since it burned down in 2017.



Project 2: Store

We a sell jewelry and souvenirs to sustain the Casa de Coco.  We have hopes in the future to offer items from all the locals on the island such as artwork or food-- like selling fresh caught fish or fresh cows milk from the locals. This will lessen their dependency on poaching.

Purchases from our Etsy site help to fund all conservation efforts.

Project 3: Vegetable Garden

Creating sustainable incomes and alternative sources of food for the locals helps to save the turtles by reducing the need for poaching  turtles for food and money.


We curently grow over 30 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


This picture is of Yucca. This native vegetable grows underground like potatoes and is a staple for Costa Ricans. It can be prepared fried or added to soups.  

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